Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not so much sledding fun

It snowed a couple of weeks ago on a Monday (my day off), and my dad was nice enough to come over to take Jake sled riding on the hill right up the street from our house. My dad enthusiastically took all of us sled riding when we were growing up, and just loved it. Brian and I happened to buy a home a couple of houses away from one of the best sled riding hills in the area. So, I naturally thought that Jake would love to sled ride whenever it snowed a lot. He must have been cold and was therefore unhappy when my dad was out with him. They went down once, and my dad was finished when he had to carry an unhappy Jake and the sled back up the large hill. I think it might take a couple more years before he can appreciate it more.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Florida fun!

The week after Thanksgiving, my mom and I took Jake on a visit to Orlando to go the beach and visit the theme parks. I had really wanted to take him before he has his heart surgery this summer, and had some extra vacation time that I had to use. Brian couldn't come because he didn't have any vacation time to use, so luckily my mom agreed to come because she loves Florida! We had a great time, and I think that Jake really enjoyed himself. Here we are at Daytona Beach.
Jake could have stayed in the ocean all day. He loved, loved, loved it! After about 1/2 hour, I had to drag him back to shore.
He will probably kill me later for posting this!
Having lunch with cousin Rachel, who goes to college in Dayton Beach.
I think Jake is going to be a swimmer, because he LOVES being in any kind of water. Here he is with Grandma in the hotel pool.
Dumbo ride with Grandma at Disney World.

Carousel at Disney World.
Here is Jake and Grandma with Donald Duck. We taught him who all the characters were before we went and he could identify all of them. He liked him from afar, but got pretty nervous as we got close.
Watching a show in front of the castle at the Magic Kingdom. One of his favorites things was watching the shows.
Pretty much the only picture I could get of him at Sea World. We did Sea World on the last day, and he was getting tired of pictures by that day. At least I have a photo that says that we were there.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Picture Month

This November was picture month for our family. We (well, I) took lots of different family photos. Photos of Jake, our immediate family, the whole Taylor family at Thanksgiving, and then the whole Patton family.

Our immediate Taylor family
The whole Patton family and Gigi Meier
The Patton "kids"
The whole Taylor family

Mama Taylor and Daddy
Jake and his Mama and Papa Taylor