Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend in Gatlinburg

We had a fun time this past weekend visiting Gatlinburg, Tennessee with our family, Becky and Dale and Clarke, Mamaw, and Granny Janice. Our hotel reservation got messed up, but Becky had reserved a 3 bedroom condo, so there was enough room for us all to stay with them, so we weren't homeless. While there, we swam in the indoor pool, Becky and Mamaw took the boys to the aquarium, Brian and I went hiking in the woods, the boys rode go-carts while the girls went shopping, and we all took a trip to the excotic animal petting zoo. There were tons of different kinds of animals there to pet and feed, including kangaroos, elk, deer, goats, several different kids of horses, camel, an African cow, reindeer, and whole bunch else. Jake got a little nervous when the animals swarmed, but he liked it a lot because he is a big animal guy. All and all, a fun weekend that we will surely repeat.

Cousin Clarke petting a stingray.
Jake and Clarke taking a moment to say goodbye to each other after a weekend together in Gatlinburg.
Feeding an African cow at an excotic animal petting zoo.
Clarke's Granny Janice feeding a camel.
Clinging to Daddy while being swarmed by deer.
The whole family.
Petting a goat with Daddy.
Feeding a goat.