Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Referral came!

Friday, January 14, 2011 was the day that we found out that we would welcome a precious baby girl into our lives. I was actually home that day because Jake was sick, and our social worker Sandy called me at 1:30 and told me that we had a referral and that it was a girl! I was so excited, and we planned for her to come to the house at 5:30. I immediately called Brian and he was so excited as well! He even got a little choked up at the news :-) Sandy came at 5:30 and showed us her photo, informed us of her Korea name, and told us her story. Ji Soo Kim was named by her mother, and came into this world on August 5, 2010. She's healthy, and has been living with a foster mother since she was one month old. She's growing normal, and has an adorable face and cheeks that you want to pinch. We left that evening right after Sandy did to go to Somerset for a funeral the next day, and were thrilled to show the family down there her pictures. They loved her just like we do! We have decided to name her Evelyn Ji Soo Taylor and call her Evie. She should could to us in May or June. We can't wait!