Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love leaves!

We have pretty many leaves in our yard, and our next-door neighbors have a TON, so we like to go over there and play in them. We just hope that Jake doesn't eat them because he's putting stuff in his mouth again. Leaves can't taste good! We're enjoying the fall and the seasonably warm weather.

Fall fun

This is my first blog post,and I hope everything goes up OK. We've had a busy and fun fall. Took Jake to the pumpkin patch last weekend, and had a great time. He was a little nervous about going on the hayride, but quickly relaxed and enjoyed the ride. He had a really good time running around the pumpkins and picking some out once we got to the pumpkin patch. He chose his pumpkins by trying to lick them, and I think he was able to lick a couple before we got him to stop. It was pretty funny though. Jake loves animals, so he had a good time seeing the farm animals, and can repeat them all to me. His favorite thing was petting a chick, which was only 2 days old! Apparently the chicks get big quickly. Here are some photos from the day.