Sunday, February 27, 2011

Potty Whoas

Here are some shots of Jake with one of his potties. We have 2 potties for him-1 for upstairs and 1 for downstairs. Lately he's been having fun carrying his potty around-I don't like that.
Jake started going on the potty about 3 months ago, and it started well. He went about 10 times by himself, then all the sudden stopped going. Lately we've been working more with him on it. He spent the day at home with Brian today, and apparently Brian was able to get him to go after lunch. Well, after dinner I took him upstairs and sat with him for 20 minutes while he was on the potty. We talked and threw a ball, but he didn't go for me. He had a lot to drink for dinner so I figured he really had to go. We sat and sat and played and played. I finally gave up, and we went into his room to put on a diaper. I started to put the diaper on, and wouldn't you know it, he started to pee in it. Argh! Not only did he not go in the potty, but he sprayed pee on me. I guess we will have to keep trying.

The Number 7

By the way, Jake has recently started staying the number 7 when he counts to 10. He used to skip over number 7 and go directly to 8. I guess he picked up that he was missing something.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visting with Santa (and cousin)

Again, I'm waayyy late in posting this, but wanted to show that we did visit with Santa over Christmastime. We actually saw him twice, but I can only find this photo. A bunch of family came up from Somerset for Jake's birthday, and we decided to take the kids to see Santa. We bundled them up (it was very cold), and took them to see the trains at the Duke Energy Center, then across fountain square to see the ice skaters (maybe we will participate in that next year), and then to Macy's to see Santa Claus. I helped Jake write a letter to Santa, and he put it in a mailbox that was sent to the North Pole. After waiting in line, he then visited with the big guy. Jake was a little nervous at first, but he warmed up and talked to him a little bit. I don't think he totally understands getting presents from Santa (next year, I think), but he sat with him. Clarke didn't want to talk to Santa, but he did pose for the picture with Jake. I'm including a picture of Aunt Becky, Clarke and Jake, taken the next day. With celebrating Jake's birthday and Christmas with the Taylors the next morning, it was a busy weekend!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Video of Evie

Here is the video that we received of Evie. At the end of it, she is playing with the toys that we sent her.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Photos of Evie!

We went out of town for the weekend for a getaway, and came home to find new pictures and a video of Evie. We are falling in love with her even more by seeing these new pictures! Jake was so excited and kept giving his "sissy" kisses on the screen. Besides the pictures, we got an update on her, and found out that she's doing very well. She turns to her name, giggles, likes playing with her new toys, and is "very happy." We can't wait to meet her in about 3 months. By the way, the person in the photo is her foster mother.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jake's 2nd birthday!

I'm super late in posting about Jake's 2nd birthday, but better late than never, right? Jake's 2nd birthday was December 20, and we did a family celebration on Saturday, December 18. Grandma Arlene, Aunt Becky, Uncle Dale, and Clarke came from Somerset, and Aunt Liz and Uncle Ed came from Detroit. Also there was Papa and Mimi, Gigi, Aunt Stephanie, friend Lori, and Carol and Herb. Jake had a great time with his guests and playing with Clarke. I made a turkey and ham dinner with lots of sides, and got a big birthday cake. It was nice being with family, and Jake got lots of stuff. We found hats that a big number 1 on them from last year, and put two of them on Jake because he is 2!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Darn Number 7!

Jake is 2 now, and truly is absorbing things like a sponge. He knows all his colors, his ABC's, lots of people's names, and is learning his numbers. His vocabulary grows every day. He can count to 10, but constantly forgets the number 7! He stills counting at number 1, gets to 6 and at 7, he either starts back over at 1, or skips to number 8. I don't know what it is with the number 7! We will keep on it and report back.