Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter bunny visit

Jake doesn't really want to visit the Easter bunny, but does want the treat in his basket.
He gets over his fear and decides to risk getting close to the bunny in order to get the treat.
Jake got the treat, but wants to get far away from that weird giant bunny. "Let's get out of here Mom."

I had to get a couple of birthday party presents last weekend, so Jake and I went to Walmart to pick them out. Since it's the weekend before Easter, the Easter bunny showed up. Jake was excited at first at the bunny and waved to him from afar, but wasn't as excited the closer we got. He is a weird looking bunny, and Jake does not seem to like people dressed in costume where you can't see their face (he does like Santa Claus though). I took him closer to the bunny, and pretty much the pictures tell the story.


Miss Cindy reading a book to Jake and the other child. It's good practice for when Jake goes to preschool next year.
Jake and Miss Cindy rolling around acting like a dog.
Running after Miss Cindy the teacher.

Well, last Saturday was our last Kindermusik class, and we will miss seeing Miss Cindy and the other kids on Saturday mornings. It was about 4 months worth of the classes, and Jake really enjoyed them. He was shy at the beginning, but by the last several classes, he was an old pro, and started getting into the rhymes and songs a lot. We are still singing them at home. Here are a few photos from the makeup class that we went to last Saturday. There was only one other child at the class, but normally there was about 8 kids in the class. Jake LOVED Miss Cindy, and by the end would go up and give her hugs. I took him to most classes, but Daddy stepped in a couple of times, and Aunt Dani even took him twice as well when we were out of town. I will definitely have to sign him up again because I think he really liked it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Opening Day

Opening Day in Cincinnat is pretty much a holiday, so I took off work and took Jake to the Opening Day parade. Maybe next year we can go to the parade and to the actual Reds Opening Day game. He had fun at the parade, and enjoyed waving at the people in the parade. He got a little scared of the people dressed in cow costumes from the Chick-fila float when they came over to us. Probably his favorite part though was when we went back to my office at the Enquirer and he got a bag of popcorn. Here's a photo that my co-worker Ernie took of the two of us watching the parade.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hair Styling

The finished "do".
Daddy styling Jake's hair

Being a ham for the camera.
View from the back.

Yesterday afternoon I went shopping and left the boys playing together. When I got back, Brian is upstairs and announces to me that he was "fixing" Jake's hair. I don't care what anyone says, but I like Jake's hair longer. When he says this, I immediately think that Brian took it upon himself to give Jake a haircut, so I rush upstairs to see what he has done to my baby. He did not cut his beautiful blonde hair, but was styling it with mousse. Whew. A little later we had dinner with some of our neighbors, and Jake (and his new due) was a hit.